Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Le Papillion

Le Papillion 

Sun-Hee Yoon 

A beautiful creature God created,
She's the evidence of God's existence.

She started her life from a tiny egg on a green leaves.
She's born. She has eaten, slept and played.
Life seems to be easy and joyful until the moment she would be in chrysalis.

A protection or a probation,
the comfort or the darkness-
No matter what it was
She needed to stay until she grew older.

Growing up in the darkness,
her wings all folded,
her legs and antennae were feeble,
she must have twitched in the glossy green sac.

Warm sunshine laid on her little room,
It's time to move out, she says.
It's time to spread your wings, she speaks gently.

Slowly she wiggles out of the deadened zone.
She dries her wet wings, stretches her folded legs and antanee.
Now her beautiful wings are nice and shiny.
She is ready to take off.

*   *   *