Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Impromptu writing - June. 21. 2011

   Deep in the night,
   Supposed to be in the bed, sleeping.
   But, somehow can't fall asleep right now.
   Trying to think, why?

   There was a time when I didn't need to worry about tomorrow-
   No responsibilities, no motivation, no destination.
   Wandering places to places, searching for the places where I could belong.
   Feeling of being lost, couldn't help but being bitter.

   When I opened my eyes, I woke up.
   When I was hungry, I ate.
   When I felt tired, I went to bed.
   Just spending another day, and day, and days.

   Who needs life goal anyway? 
   Why do we fight against nature of life?
   Simple life is the best!
   This was what I thought and I mocked the people who struggled for their dream.

   And, I met a lady who was 7 years older than me.
   She was a bank branch manager's high positioned assistant.
   I was just a summer part-time delivery girl.
   Being a typical university freshman, my life circled within alcohol, friends, and karaoke.

   One morning, I was stinky drunken but managed to go to work.
   I did my chores, all the routines that I had to do-
   including shining bank manager's desk, washing his tea cup, scrap booking daily economic articles, and delivering mails.

   During recess, this lady came to me and yawned with smile.
   "I went to bed late last night. I just couldn't fall asleep.
    You see, the night is my time - no one tells you what to do, no one watches you, just enjoy being yourself.
    And, I'm paying the price now. " She chuckled and lowered her voice as if she would tell me a secret.

   "Sun Hee, when you grow older, you will know how valuable to have your own time. 
   Your own time is priceless. So, don't waste your time." 
   Tonight, I hear her voice. And, I understand her messages better and clearer.
   19-year-old immature girl became 29-year-old mom with life experiences.
   I've learned many important lessons through my personal experiences but the most significant lessons were from others - their words, their actions and mostly their lives. This lady's words still echo in my head, that means probably they were sincere and honest from her own heart.



  1. I learn a lot for your articles, and thank you very much for sharing your personal experience with us. hope one day i could write down my own stories in english.

  2. Thank you for the comment. I'm glad you enjoyed it, also I'm happy to share my stories with people who appreciates them. :)