Thursday, June 2, 2011

À Montréal

In the beginning

It was a cold December day in 2003, when I arrived in Montreal for the first time.
I might have looked like small, delicate, shy Asian figure on others' eyes, 
the truth being I was a genuine rebel from little town in Korea. 

I was 22, being young and brave yet uncertain about my future.
I needed to get out from where I used to belong, I couldn't breathe everywhere I went.
I was a wild creature and didn't know where to go.

Over two years I was sure being failure of my life. 
One of the main reason being the deficiency of academic standards in Korea.
Everything seemed to finalize with which University you'd enter and the success of life divided from this point.
I used to ask a huge question in my heart, who the hell decide the winner/ loser of life anyway? 
Why am I so unlucky to be surrounded with folks with shallow mind who only concerns about- 
the rank of the society and the salary of the person? 

I was sick and tired of this nauseating environment. 
I knew by heart if I would stay longer, I would become one of them; 
That must have been the real failure of my precious life.
The only exit was the escape.

Then, life brought me an unexpected gift in an extraordinary way.
I always believed in a sentence, "if there is a will, there is a way"
I had a strong will of escape, and there came a sign of way-out.

[To be continued..]

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