Saturday, May 21, 2011

If we could keep the passion of the beginning..

   Whenever I feel like losing any hope, if there was any, I type the Paul Potts & Susan Boyle's first audition at Britain's Got Talent. Now, they are officially super stars all around the world, but there was a time they were nobody. They've been living in simple and ordinary life, but they didn't give up what they really like to do. I guess that's what we call "passion". Also, if they didn't take the chance to sing in front of whole nation, where would they be now?
   Both singers are naturally talented but also determined. To me, this is always great inspiration. I love their genuine gift but also their long duration of patience. Everything happens in a right time at a right place.

   These two video clips boost my motivation to write a sentence. I really enjoy watching the very beginning of their career. It's so real and humble. I like this natural stage, without any fabrications.
   My motivation of writing comes from Susan Boyle's voice. Her first album " I dreamed a dream" is my first choice of IPod. And this song is my favorite; who I was born to be. - Paul Potts's first audition - Susan Boyle's first audition


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