Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday sketch

   Again, I found myself sitting in a cafe, drinking Cafe Mocha, listening music, trying to focus. Somehow it's hard to grab the ideas of what I need to tell. How should I write if I don't get the idea clearly or correctly? I think I'm greatly distracted and interrupted by outer source.

   I was extremely annoyed by grumpy, selfish people on my way cafe. Everybody has reason to be angry, and express their frustration but cutting the lines, yelling out loud and flipping their fingers to each other. Oh, drama, drama! It's millions of times easier to be angry at others than letting it go. These gas-filled people reflects a lot in my life. I've grown up with these people and I'm still seeing them everyday, everywhere. Unfortunately, I'm also one of them. I feel ashamed whenever people reveal themselves this way.
    In addition to, I got greatly shocked by the hand written logo, "Donald trump for president!" For a long time,I tried to stay away from main streaming, so-called "NEWS", and I couldn't help but shaking my head seeing this phrase.
    Really? really? Do people really believe the businessman can rule the government? Do they believe it's run by same principle? Have we enough witnessed the side effects on a corrupt relationship between political and business cycles? I mean, really? Do they really want to blind themselves although the result has been revealed long time ago? Wow, I don't have any words in this ridiculous drama.

   Lastly, I happened to pass by the newspaper. It wasn't just a local one, it was New York Times. And the headline was, "Face that Screamed War's pain looks back, 6 Hard Years Later". And this title wasn't enough to shock the readers, they purposely insert the picture of a woman covering her face, seemed to hold her shock and cry. This woman's personal breaking moments became an entertainment for the viewers. People would probably say, "Oh, that's so unfortunate. What a tragedy. We feel so sorry for her. etc." And, I can't help imagining the people who just gave a sympathy minute ago, turning around and grabbing coffee or whatever they did, going back to their anonymous life.

   What is going on the world of Journalism? I felt the business world of Journalism became very hungry for people's attention. I guess they are desperate. They don't want to lose their fan by other entertainment source. So, is this how to approach the people? One individual life was printed everywhere on the paper, and it would be thrown out tomorrow most likely. I feel so bitter of all these. Where is the respect on individual? Don't they miss something important? Why do they keep doing this?

   Anyway, the bottom line of all these, I realized there's nothing I can do, but writing about it. My opinion might not even considered, but this is how I see the world. And I refuse to be sitting down in a world of bitterness, I start to create something makes me happy, and hopefully to make others happy, too.


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