Saturday, May 7, 2011

What a wonderful day!

   Leaning back on the Futon, I thought about my day.
   What a wonderful day!

   Waking up by my daughter's gentle stroke on my face,
   Tasting juicy, sweet strawberries for our breakfast,
   Putting on Sou Lynn's flurry yellow tutu that she loves to twirl with it,
   Taking moments for myself in a Hazelnut coffee aroma,
   Imagining SL dancing around in her class, possibly telling stories of her new tutu to her friends.
   Feeling every water drops in a shower, refreshed for the day.

   Opening the door, unexpected USPS parcel caught my eyes,
   Written my name, curiosity and excitement grew and grew,
   A book, Kira- Kira by Cynthia Kadohata
   Came with a note,
   Dear Sun Hee. ... the narration style reminded me your writing style. I hope you like it too. 
   With love, Natasha and Dasha. 

   Feeling loved, with indescribable gratitude.
   Feeling lucky, my friends care about my passion and encourage me with surprise.
   Feeling motivated, I want to write a good story.
   Thank you, thank you, my dear friend. 

   Waken up by time, oh! it's already the time to pick her up.
   Rushing out, getting in a car and faced long lined up cars on Belmont.
   Listening songs on the radio helped me finding peace on the traffic.
   Driving safely, parking smoothly, and entered playground.
   Seeing my SL running toward me with full of Dandelions with tree branches on her both hands.
   "Mom, this is for you! Happy Mother's day!"
   Hearing her loud voice melted in an innocent joy and a pride.
   Feeling like crying, because I saw her eyes, seeming to say, I'm happy to make you happy.
   Coming home, our merry conversations kept going.
   Having Tortellini for lunch, our belly seemed satisfied.
   Getting ready for Bitty Basketball and Gymnastic class.
   Feeling fatigue but it's worth it, because she likes it.

   Seeing her hesitation before the class, noticed her class mates already warmed up.
   Encouraging her, that's ok, you can take your time.
   Moving forward she went, she's ready to play.

   Feeling the spring breeze, and touching the sun fuzzes,
   Urging myself to catch the moment,
   Pulling out picnic blanket, setting my spot in front of the building,
   Drinking juice while reading Kira-Kira.
   Thinking to myself, what a wonderful day.

   Greeting my friend, Farhana and her girls.
   Rejoicing our girls reunion, we missed you, Nadia and Ilyana. 
   Smiling at three little girls wearing gymnastic outfit, dancing like butterflies.
   Catching up our stories between adults,
   Feeling good, I have a wonderful friend listening my heart and soul.
   Sitting, standing, running after kids, yelling, and laughing,
   Sun Hee, I'm so glad to hear your laugh. That makes my heart feel good, my friend.
   Feeling gratitude, my friend cried for me while I couldn't cry.
   Feeling loved, without pressure, without expectation,
   Hearing the echo in me, this life is worth living.



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