Saturday, May 14, 2011

Language in my life - Intro Poem

   [ This piece is just for a test. I'm thinking of bigger theme of my "Life and Language Learning Experience". 
      If anybody who wants to give me a feedback, please DO NOT HESITATE! Thanks in advance!]

                                    Intro Poem 

   Life hits hard on me.
   That's what I used to say and I still speak it out loud.
   It is true. Nothing comes easier in my life, and I started to wonder, why is it? 

   I felt being put in an extreme test through my journey, and I tried not to fail.
   The more I tried to be good, the worse result I got. 
   It was unfair. I did my best but it was never enough. 

   I didn't grow up in an environment where everybody is special. 
   I was put so much pressure since I was 7, maybe even earlier.
   I needed to prove, I needed to stand out, I needed to be No.1

   Studying, mid-term exam, studying, final exam, when would I have a break?
   Extra tutoring on Math, and Science, every morning and night.
   There were dozens of tutors in my house throughout school years.
   I hated numbers, I hated measuring, and I still hate them.

   When I didn't get 100/100, my palm and thigh were struck by a thin, bamboo stick.
   I had to make a false promise, I would score 100/100 next time.
   Whenever the test date came closer, the scary ghost follwed me.
   I ran and ran, and wishing there would be the exit of all.

   And one day, it happened. 
   My eyes got twinkled, my ears got pricked, and my brain started to roll itself.
   I got to know the foreign language called English.
   It was such a fresh air, as if the window of my life was opened.
   I wanted to speak this language more than anything. 

   However, nothing was easy. 
   Korean doesn't have [f],[v],[r],[l], and [z] sound.
   I blamed Korean for being different from English. 
   Grammar was even worse, why don't they have the same structure? 
   Why Subjective + Verb+ Objective?
   Is there anything similar in these two languages?
   Unfortunately, none. 

   It's been a long road, a rather difficult one.
   However, there were good moments, too.
   Now, I'm trying to peel off the layers of my language learning experience.
   I feel like this will be a long story. 

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