Monday, May 16, 2011


   Crazy hair, crazy outfit
   "No bra?" my husband says,
   " I don't care" I answer.

   Husband goes to work,
   Daughter goes to school,
   A house wife comes home,
   And facing an annoying house work.

   Doing dishes, pulling out garbage bags,
   Struggling to pull out tangled hairball, clogged in a tub draining hole.
   Need a fresh air, need to take a breath.
   Nobody pushes me,
   I know, I know.
   Looking at the time, it's already 10: 25.
   No time to vacuum, no time to laundry,
   House work never excites me.

    Annoying, annoying, then..
    What's the point of complaining, anyway?
    It's waste of my time.



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  1. I like this one a lot! The first few lines keep making me laugh!