Thursday, May 5, 2011

My words of compassion

   Dear my friend,

   I heard your story today, and I saw your falling tears, too.
   When I hear a painful story, I close my eyes for a second.
   I try to feel what you must have felt and that is my ultimate respect from me to you.
   Life is not easy, as we both know already.
   One challenge after another, they seemed never ending,
   Whenever these were unbearable, I cried out loud, "When is it going to end?"
   No one answered me back until recently.

   I remember what my mom told me long time ago,
   "Sun Hee, do you know what you had told me when you were only 10?
   You said, God never gives you a burden that you can't carry. 
   You were only a little kid, and I don't know where you got this word, but you saved my life."

   I don't remember me telling these words to my mom,
   But it has been an indescribable support throughout my journey.
   I've seen my mom's sacrifice over the years, but she didn't give up.
   And, now I'm on my own battle and I know what I need to do.

   We are moms.
   We love our children more than ourselves.
   Moms are stronger than any other human being.
   Our children's smile and laugh makes our life worthwhile.

   My friend,
   Let's believe in this.
   We can survive no matter what situations upon us,
   We won't give up.

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