Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Misty morning

   Drizzle, drizzle, the quiet rain falls softly on the ground.
   Is it going to be the last spring rain? I wonder.
   There's something magical whenever the raindrops tickle the world.
   Cars tend to go slower, people walk cautiously.
   Even the wipers on the car windshield seeming to say, "hi" with the sound of swish, swish.
   Is it only me thinking this way? I wonder.
   What am I trying to find this world?
   Perhaps the gift of Mother nature, that's what I'm looking for.

   We are merely a human with a wrong self-concept in ourselves.
   We think we control the world, we believe we are the top of the food chain.
   Humans tend to exploit natural goodness around us, just like some people take advantage of other's kindness. And they laugh at their victims being foolish, or they really believe being a superior than others just because their shallow trick scored.
   I wonder when the majority would understand this world is not built on the purpose of "taking".
   Everything comes and goes, and we are only the little part of the universe.

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