Friday, July 1, 2011

In a merry-go-round.

   Sitting in a merry-go-round - fancy, colorful, extravagant designed ride.
   Being excited - I've waited so long to ride and I know I will enjoy it.

   The machine moves slowly, the excitement grows eagerly.
   I show the biggest smile and I see waving hands over the fence.

   One turn, two turn, getting faster and faster.
   My smile fades out - I don't know if this is supposed to be - feeling dizzy, feeling sick.

   I try to focus, try to stare one spot;
   but it's useless. I can't see a thing.

   Sooner I found out myself riding a merry-go-round.
   I should be merry, I should scream of joy, because I paid for it.

   But somehow I can't tell if this was what I asked for.
   I wish it would stop, and letting me find where I am.

   I close my eyes. I don't want to see things anymore.
   Good thing I'm wise enough not to jump from this fast twirling ride, but what else can I do?

   My inner voice tells me quietly;
   Try to find a center point in your mind. Try to enjoy the feeling of where you are.

   I listen to it and follow as it guides me.
   I hear loud yelling next to, this machine would less likely stop sooner -
   I found myself it's challenging to concentrate, in this mood in this speed.

   With deep breath, I try once more. I try to find a tranquility under the closed eyes.
   And slowly I feel the sensation of high velocity and I'm not dizzy or sick.
   I curl my back and cling to the horse and lean my upper body.
   A timid smile rose up, now I can say I'm enjoying this ride. Yes, I do.

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