Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The search of reason of being.

I used to question a lot why I'm here, well, more clearly, I wanted to make connection of being where I belong. I think (it's very abstractive.) a life tries to tell me constantly the purpose of living on where I am dwelling.
In the past, I used to complain a lot where I belonged, the place I lived and the time I had to be stuck, no escape. And I know now even that horrible time( at that time how I felt generally) was constantly trying to tell me and giving me a clue that I'm only learning a lesson.
I was a student of life and I am still a student of life. The subject of learning is quite different but I have better insight to deal with problems because I'm willing to be patient and learn.

Today, I felt something good that life taught me. Although I have same routine on daily base, life makes difference when I am motivated by myself. It seems always coming from my heart and my perspective.
For example, I really wanted to stay home and get rest since I've been very busy on Mon, Tue, doing lots of activities for my little one. I thought it was fair for me to have little break, some kind of reward of being good mom. However, seeing my girl's bored-some face wasn't quite what I expected.

who told that we always have choices in every single moment of life?
In a second, I've decided to dedicate my day for my daughter than my own relaxation. Since I've made my mind, it was easier to move my lazy body than I thought. So as she wanted we went to park before lunch, and came back home to have lunch with her sweet loving daddy and did errands at home quickly and packed up to meet one of my friend and her son at the outdoor park swimming pool and stayed about 2 hours, seeing my girl's having great time.
After all these task were done, it was time to conclude my day. I felt extremely fruitful and accomplished and just happy. It was kind of self- satisfaction, really. Good job to me!

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