Monday, April 16, 2012

Words, its lightness and its heaviness

   People say the words all the time. I listen to them all the time. People with more words with exaggerated expressions get more attentions. I guess getting attention is better form than being ignored. What a pity! What an unfortunate!
I've been wondering why I am unconsciously depended on others' reactions most of the time. Even if I try to convince myself that other's opinions are not worth considering, I still hear their echoes. Those unwelcome voices, their invisible existence occupies my mind, drains my energy.

   The complexity of the life, yet I'm searching for the simplicity of it.
   The invisibility of the words, yet I'm getting hurt by its enormous power.
   What's the truth? What's behind the curtain? What lies underneath the surface?
   Easy to make comments, easy to spit them out, easy to judge by the appearance, so easy to criticize on everybody, on everything. Getting tired of listening fluttering comments, there isn't any core, any axis. If the wind blows from the west, they will fly to the east, if the thunder booms in the air, they will disappear as if it never existed. The lightness of being, the fickleness of its commitment, the shallowness, the brutality, the immorality, its inhumane character sickens me.

   The faceless being, the evil voices with greed and ugly jealousy, they only leave me with indescribable bitterness and hatred for the whole world.

   But I also know the genuine quality and the true beauty needs to come out from the opposite disposition. The harder the situation it is, the stronger oppression I've got, I become invincible. Freedom isn't free, I need to fight for it. Nothing comes easily, but if it is easy, would that be the same worth?

   The strength and the weakness, I need to access.
   The reality and the dream, I need to balance.
   What to listen, what to ignore, I need to put the priority.
   Longing for the truth, searching for the eternity,
   No pain, no gain. Perhaps that's the truth.

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