Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Post-CPS strike

CPS strike was over yesterday, after seven days of raising pickets, marching downtown Chicago, honking to support teachers. Chicago public school teachers fought for the fair contract and better work conditions, and it's said it was a good fight.

 As a parent of Chicago public school, I'm so glad finally I can send my daughter to school. Luckily I am a stay-home mom, which gives me more flexibility to adjust and navigate this time of uncertainties. I checked the news every hour if there were any negotiation progress. Week two, my temper got irritated, my feeble patience was lost.

There's no question about the correlation between teacher's dissatisfaction and students' learning experience. When a great and professional teacher is threatened by job security, or lack of community support, she or he is less likely put one's time in teaching. Overall, teachers need some kind of appreciation from general public and I think CPS strike was a beacon of urging their roles in the society.

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