Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Keep writing!!

Keep writing! - That's what I'm going to stick to.

When I watched the documentary of Virginia Wolf, there was a sequence that her nephew was telling a story of a time with her. It was very little clip of whole documentary but it resonates in my head all the time.
It was something like this,
' My aunt used to ask me what woke you up this morning?'
and he answered ' well, a Sun?' then she replied back ' Was it angry sun or happy sun?'
and her nephew, probably aged 80s but thrilled to talk about his aunt, goes on saying,
' My aunt always wanted us to write. Even there was nothing special had happened, she insisted us to write. She used to say there has to be something different than other days, there must be something excites you or disgusts you, there is something different, so write about it every day.'

Yes, Madame Virginia!
I'm going to write every day, and today it was about you.
I admire you of all my heart.

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