Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Relativity in Time

   When we are given the endless time,
   albeit the fact we do NOT have the endless time,
   but still we have the illusion that our time is infinite,
   we often make huge mistake, which is wasting the time.

   Let's face the reality.
   We were born, and we will die.
   We are doomed with mortality. 
   Our time is limited and we have very little time to do anything we'd like to do.
   Time flies, yes, that's what you hear almost every day.
   But how about your time? Does it fly, too? Or does it seem to stop?

   I have to confess, too. I used to complain about my time that it seemed to be forever.
   Nothing excited me, nothing enthused me. 
   My life seemed to arrive full stop; no action, no pure joy, just mingling and wandering.

   Now, in a retrospect, I regret myself for wasting those days.
   Youth is such a gift, but I only spent it for the perishable entertainment.
   Those years will never come back, and I feel bitter about it.

   In 2011, November 9, 4:00 p.m.
   During 2 1/2 hours of day break,
   I went to the library to select the next stories for my daughter's bed time,
   I went to grocery to buy ingredients for tonight's dinner; Lasagna,
   And, I think, I write and I reflect on myself and sketch my ideas with words.

   I appreciate that I can have day break. I really appreciate that I can drive here and there.
   I thank for the things I have in my life.
   At last, I thank for the times that I could use for better cause.



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