Tuesday, November 29, 2011

When I am hungry

   Hungry belly, started to grumble.
   On the edge of crabby mood, I'm looking for something to eat.
   My body, my brain, every single cell of them wants any type of nutrition,
   but I don't know what to eat.
   Extremely annoying whenever I don't know what to eat, especially when I'm insanely hungry.

   Spicy! That's what I need.
   My body wants it, my taste buds want it, my "soon-to-be" angry temper desires it.
   I search for anything spicy in my fridge, more like violently.
   Don't talk to me when I'm hungry, I'm a wild beast!

   Oh! I found a package of spicy noodle soup.
   Well, it's inconvenient to prepare all that, but maybe it's worth cooking.
   Boiling water, steamy pots, gently laying noodles in the medium pot, spicy red paste goes in small sauce pot.
   It's written to cook for three minutes and a half, but who cares?
   I know by looking when the noodles are ready.

   Yes! It's done. Noodles are soft, the sauce is ready, put them in a soup bowl together and here it is.
   I'm picking the white noodle strand with silver chopstick.
   It goes in my hungry mouth, and it tastes just right spicy.
   Not too hot, not too steamy, just perfect.

   All day I didn't have any appetite, but this spicy noodle brought my lost appetite back.
   Ha....It feels good after filling empty stomach.
   I'm glad I cooked and satisfied my hunger.
   Slowly my brain started to be activated in normal speed and started to wonder-
   why do I feel crabby when I'm hungry?
   And whenever I'm desperately hungry, why do I choose to eat spicy food?

   I don't know, but I guess that's beyond my control.
   I don't know if I can figure it out why, but at least I know how to soothe when my belly is hungry.
   In the end, that's all matter.

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