Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Too tired being tired.

 I felt too tired, the fatigue level was 9.5 in a scale of 1 - 10. I had to drag my heavy body which wanted to get into bed straight. I had to fight not to fall asleep or get sick. I needed to change my mood and mind. But how?? When I'm weak physically my mind goes with it, which leads depression. I don't like being in a dark and I know nobody can help me except myself. I've learned this lesson long time ago but it still brings me down the same road. It's constant challenge to keep head up, heart strong and spirit bright.  
 I also wished there's energy drink without any side effects. But then why should I depend on energy drink?? 
I wondered for a while; if I were a Popeye, I would just need a bunch of spinach. What will work for me as a bundle of spinach work for Popeye?? 
 Aha! to me, I've got a 김치,Kimchi!! Although I didn't have any appetite from intense fatigue, I forced myself to prepare 비빔밥,Bibimbap with Kimchi. Bibimbap is very common Korean food which is mixed with steamed rice, several side dishes and egg. There are few variations of Bibimbap but what I like the most  is the ones that I can make it easy. Simple as it can be; I've got steam rice in a rice cooker all the time, a big jar of Kimchi is always in our refrigerator, a sunny-side up egg can be done in 1 min, a can of tuna and 1 tablespoon of sesame oil - Done!! All the ingredients in a bowl mixed up and ready to eat. Yam!! 

 Even in the worst appetite of moment, a spoonful of Bibimbap entered in my mouth and the next thing I saw was the bottom of the bowl. I finished it in a few second, I guess I must be hungry. It's been tough to enjoy every meal with Tasmanian devil in the house. I don't remember when was the last time to sit in a one spot and chew my food slowly and enjoy every bite of delicious food. After sitting and standing for 10 times during a meal, it's hard to keep the same appetite that I had at the beginning. Most of time, I forget that I was hungry. 
 Well, tonight, at least I figured how I could change my mood. In that matter, I'm proud of myself. I could easily blame on everything but I tried to find the way out to make me happy. Maybe being happy or satisfied is not as complicated it seems. 

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