Thursday, December 30, 2010

A wife's poem

Being with you was once my dream.
We had cried over the phone because we had to be apart.

Living with you at the beginning was child's play.
Everything seemed red, orange and yellow under the sun light.

Growing with you as a husband and wife was faithful decision.
We promised we'll be together no matter what happens.

Becoming parents had given us bliss as much as suffering.
We had to grow fast to raise a vulnerable, little life.

After all these years we had spent together,
I'm still looking at your back over the kitchen counter.

I've seen your same silhouette over and over again.
You convinced me why you couldn't stay with family all the time.
You told me great things come from sacrifice, and you blindly followed what you believed in.
I promised I am not gonna hurt you even though I'm hurt.

I need to understand you more.
I need to be patient.
I need to be wise.
After all, I'm your wife.

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