Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My story - Christmas gift from Korea

I got a Christmas gift package from Korea yesterday.
My mom and brother sent us Korean books, beautifully designed dinning table runner and family slippers.
2 adult slippers with hello kitty on top for me and my husband, and 1 laser-shining Pororo slipper for my daughter, which sparkles every time she walks or bangs on something.  
My mom is really adorable person.
She's age of 52 but still she didn't lose her purity.  
Since I become a mom, I appreciate a lot more how great she is.

My mom..
I can write 10 different stories of her.
She is great cook, she is great entertainer.
She's an amazing painter on her face - it usually took 2 hours for her to finish full make-up, my dad used to take a nap while she was in her world of perfection. 
She's great athlete. Even at this point, she's going Gym every day. Her determination was something I grew up with. 
She's best driver. She used to drop me everywhere I needed to go, even in my early 20s.
There are so many stories of her and I'm willing to peel every layer of her life. 
My mom is as important as my daughter and myself. 
If my mom weren't there, I wouldn't be here right now. 

But what I wanted to emphasize of all was my pictures from 2002. 
Pictures that I took at Australia and New Zealand while I was an international exchange student.
There, I could see myself in early 20s. 

In 2002, there were many things happened in my life. 
I call it my turning point year. 

There was one sentence I kept for a long time was that " In a life, you get 3 chances."
I don't know why it struck me so much. 
My age 21 at that time, I didn't feel I had first chance yet. 
My life was driven by some kind of force that I didn't feel right until that point.
In 2002, I felt this was the moment that I could do something for myself.
I needed to learn how to find though.. and it wasn't easy to take this road.
I lost lots of friends and faith while choosing new path. 
I had indescribable doubt in entire of my life. 
It was big leap that I didn't know where I would land. 

'Is this right path?'
'If I fail???'
'They would laugh at me.. they would say," you see!! what did we tell you?" '
'What am I going to do...?'

And making a decision to go Australia and New Zealand was my first step.

[ to be continued ]  

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