Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mom's diary - 12.17. 2010

We've been very busy last few weeks.
I really needed a pause of all, and I think you enjoyed spending your day at home.
We woke up late in the morning, didn't need to change our PJs, and had peaceful breakfast without rushing. 
I took time to check my e-mails and clicked this and that on internet.
I don't want to call it lazy day, it was more like "energy recharging" day.

For a short time, I had a short flashback to the past. 
Few years back, we didn't have any friends to have a play-date.
Or any relatives or families to visit us often. 
We were aliens to this country. 
You and I were isolated in our home from outside of world. 
You were the only person I could hold, I could touch and I cried with. 

Those years are passed but the scar in my heart still remained deeply.
Now, whenever I have plans with friends or places to go to meet new friends,
I appreciate every minute of it. 

Once you have experience of detached or deprived from something you didn't give any importance,
you will regret desperately why we didn't appreciate it. 

Family, friends, language, culture, country, freedom and Life.

We need to take our time to sit and think.
If we don't, we'll lose our chances to make it right.
We'll miss the opportunity to realize what's the purpose of all. 
We'll wake up one day and look at ourselves into a mirror,
and think, ' who is this?'

My daughter, 
I want you to remember this life is very short.
It's too short to wander. 
You can go out and discover new things, explore new world,
but remember! 
Your time is not coming back.

Always remember!
This moment is not coming back.
Everyday, every moment, every people you'll meet, they are gifts.
You are blessed and I hope you don't undervalue it.  
Appreciate every moments that are given to you. 

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