Friday, March 18, 2011

A Little girls' dream

   I used to watch Disney movie countless times when I was a little girl.
My first movie was The Beauty and the Beast, which I watched in the movie theater on summer vacation on my 3rd grade. It blew my mind at once and I fell in love with its styles of everything. Later, my mom and dad bought me whole set of Disney VHS movie. The day I got the box of movies, I prayed that there would be The Little Mermaid. Please, please, please...YES!!! There was The  Little Mermaid and it was mine. I played instantly and watched and watched so that I could remember all the lyrics and images. It was colorful, beautiful and had wonderful songs with unforgettable tune. I used to dream about these Disney girl's adventure and I wondered what kind of adventure would wait for me in the future.
   I was not more than 12, but I knew what made me happy and what made me dream. Most of all, I knew what made my heart beat strongly. I imagined, I sang a song, I pretended and I desired. I can't forget the very first wakeup call on my heart beat. I still remember the goose bump on my arm as I got so excited. I don't remember whom I went with to the theater on the very first day, but I remember the feeling I had. Also, I remember sitting right next to TV while Part of your world echoed in the bedroom. I wished, I longed...and now here I am.

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