Monday, March 28, 2011

Monologue on Monday afternoon.

I needed a break seriously. With a mug of coffee, I can breathe deeply once more.
It's the lowest moment of the day; between 3-5 p.m. Rushing out, getting in and out all over the places for 8 hours straight made me worn out already. Although my energy level is close to 0, I am still trying to find way to change my mood and recharging it for the evening. As usual, writing helps me to change my perspective to the world, to my life.

In a glance to the outside from my window, the sky is clear, bird's chirping, the daffodils on the sidewalk starts to bloom.
There are plenty of beauties around me, but when I feel low and loaded with fatigue, I just CAN'T see them.
What a pity! What a waste of life if I can't enjoy this beauty of nature.
Time goes by, season changes, and how much did I wish to have warm spring sunbeams??  

I love to make myself keeping busy, but what's the purpose of being busy? 
Oh, yes. I'm a mom.
I am going whenever, wherever my kid needs to go; for her education, for her social activities, for her bright future. Because I want her to be a happy, and I don't want her to lose a smile. Her excitement, joy and pure smile make all worth what I do. 

Yes, I'm a wife. I want to show him how much I care about him working hard to support our family. My usual gratitude is making delicious homey dinner. I want him to be excited to come home and eat my food. That's my other way of saying Thank you and Love you to him. Showing how much I love, how much I care others can be many ways, but I believe serving food with sincere heart is the top of all. 

In a way, my energy is recharging right now by thinking of whom I love the most. Indeed, LOVE is the greatest of all. Now, I'm gonna go to cook dinner. Tonight menu - Pork cutlet (돈까스)!!

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