Thursday, September 1, 2011

Breaking from the Break

   Everything has the momentum -the cars, the runners, the machine and the passion.
   Unfortunately once it loses the feeling of continuity, it's hard to keep on the same speed, it gets harder to get on the track and the stress is immense. It could be said it's just the nature of life and you can't do anything about it. ( or do something. )
   I don't know why I even started to write about my least favorite subject physics here. My writing has nothing to do with physics, or maybe that's what I wanted to believe. The truth is there is some kind of nebulous connections between them. 

   I knew I had to get back here, writing. I knew this is my destination.
   Writing has been the way of concluding my day. I know when I write, feeling extreme self-fulfillment or self-accomplishment. When I write or develop the ideas of story, feeling great sense of creativity which makes me feel alive. Unfortunately I just couldn't write. I've been wondering why, why..why?

   There are old stories in my head and I've been thinking about its theme, structure, story components - all kinds of boring part of making a story but very important key factors. But now I'm in a dilemma where I can't focus on my initial story, can't process my thoughts clearly and getting lose my passion of all.

   What a pity! What a shame! Don't I know enough or didn't I remind myself the self-discipline is the key of everything? And am I willing to just let it go without grabbing anything? Don't need any excuses at this point. I found a problem, then I need to figure it out.

   I'm going to stop procrastinating. I'm breaking from the long break.

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