Saturday, September 24, 2011

In a café

Haven't been this place for a while,
can't help but noticed how strong energies are gathered in this little spot.

Smiling barristers happily brewing fresh coffee, panting jogger who grab the water bottle, a mom with toddler holding hands waiting their turn.
Silver hair, mid 50' man dozing off, leaning his head back on the armchair.

Majorities are sitting behind their laptop, plugged their ears with iPod- refusing to face the people around them or desperately wanting to be connected through social network website.

What am I doing here?
I don't know, if you ask me frank answer.

I came here to read, then I felt like scribbling, and now sitting and observing others. Imagining what's their purpose of being here in this little spot- Perhaps simply an espresso coffee, or an escape from daily routine.

No matter what I think there won't be a right answer. After all, I should mind my own business. Now, I turn off my visual senses, instead I increased my hearing senses on my iPod, trying to focus on rhythm of words -its purpose on the page.

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