Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Yo-yi-Tdang! / 요이땅!


   Have you ever stood in the starting line for the race?  Have you felt the ten seconds of preparation for running feels like forever? Do you remember the heart-bursting butterfly in your chest while waiting for the whistle to be blown?
  That's exactly how I felt today. Nonetheless I felt great. How ironic is that? I've been wondering so much time imagining what's like in the reality. Today, I've faced two of them.

   First, it was my daughter's first day of her school. I've been thinking about the scenario of her very first day of school so many times, I just couldn't shut my brain down. She and I were half nervous and half excited. We both are not easily intimidated by the circumstances, but we needed good amount of time to observe the surroundings. It's too early to analyze all the aspects of school environment, but something tells me it's going to be the great experience for us.

   Second, it was my first day of Memoir class after few months of the break from writing. I knew I needed this class more than this class wanted me. I was hungry for the setting where passionate writers throw their unique ideas and their personal stories, share them openly and don't restrain themselves to create the art of writing.
   It is the utopia for me as an apprentice of the writer. I decided to call myself as an apprentice and I think the term is correct to describe the way how I feel about myself.
   Knowing myself, if I decided to name, so-called a "writer", I would dump on tons of stress over my head rather than enjoying what I do. Feeling light, feeling fresh, I love learning as a student and I'll enjoy this as a freshman.  

   Now, I picture of myself, standing on the line, waiting for the whistle blown. I also see myself gazing far toward the ending point. I don't know if I can win the race but I know I'll enjoy running during the race. I'll be happy to leave my footprints in the course.

   FYI, Yo-yi-Tdang means ready, steady, go in child-like term in Korean.



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