Thursday, September 8, 2011

Midnight echoes

     I went to bed at 9 p.m. It was ridiculously early to go to bed on a regular base. However, I corresponded to the way my body and soul told me to do so - Sun Hee, you need a rest.
    I was in deep sleep until the clock turned to midnight, something remarked to my unconsciousness to wake up and write. I don't know how and why, but once this idea was floating in my head I just couldn't fall asleep again.  
   Taming our body, our mind can be tricky, but I know unquestionably it's worth it. Having same routine made me bored for a while, and I've got new routine to adapt, which is rather fast speed and lots of actions.
    Don't I love actions in a life? Oh, yes! Totally! I love it. I've realized the more I live within my permitted time, I felt the better I was juicing out of my life. I have a great imagination even at the point, entering my 30's. And, I have the energy burst from out of nowhere. I guess it might be called a passion. I do agree on the idea which is the energetic person is driven by his/her own mission and unflinching passion. Without these, what's the difference being a robot?

   Nothing is certain as usual and perhaps that's what it should be. Life is full of unexpected events, such as a cracked plastic nose pads of my glasses just fallen onto the ground this afternoon. I guess I should've known it was coming, but how would've I known it would be today? Luckily, my daughter was at school, and I managed to hold the glasses, wrapped with a piece of Cleanex tissue around this area and drove home safely and changed to eye contact lens and went to straight to the Visionworks to fix the broken nose pads.

   This whole ordeal was not in my plan at all. However, what's the point of complaining if it's already happened? I figured no matter the reason is, I needed to act fast and get it back on right shape. The best part of all was while my glasses nose pads were being fixed, I could sit down and read few paragraphs of Poets & Writers magazine which is issued this month. It probably took me ten minutes, - but the feeling of being Zen and not surrounded by thousands of chores or demand from my little bossy boots - it was my best time ever to read and concentrate fully into the stories. I missed it so much. I missed being calm and doing nothing but read.
   Again, it only took me max ten minutes but it was the best moment of my day.   

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