Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mom's diary - 9.12.2011

   I feel literally struck by lighting!
   I'm utterly discouraged by your teacher's comment this afternoon.
   I need to think clearly. I need to chill out.
   I'm not going to take it personally. I can't be too sensitive on everything.
   Parenting is just too hard... Discipline is part of parenting and so it is.
   I just don't know what to do.. but I need to figure out what to do.

   My heart sinks in, my sigh is heavy.
   How should I raise you?? How should I guide you? How should I nurture you?
   Every mom wants her kids for the best.
   But what's the best for you??

   My knees on the ground, my tears falling on my cheek.
   I'm desperate to figure it out.
   I won't give up until things get right.
   I will work together with teachers for the best out of you.
   I'm not gonna let you spoiled. I'm not gonna let you neglected either.
   I just need to figure it out how..
   I pray and pray to find the way...

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