Saturday, October 22, 2011


  I'm very far from being an artist as far as I'm concerned. But one day I would like to be called "Yoon Sun Hee is the greatest artist of all time." Being called an artist must be a such an honor. I'm glad to smash up my long time prejudice finally.

  To tell the truth, I didn't respect their profession correctly, until recently. Somehow in my head, it was registered ; artists = financially troubled, highly frustrated in general life, socially awkward, in a nutshell they're not welcomed genius. For a long time, I didn't perceive them as they should be deserved.
  Partially because the people whose from my own background didn't appreciate the true value of art and influenced on me their crooked point of view. People openly mocked and ridiculed artist's passion, just because the most self-proclaimed artists were not wealthy. Generally, it was considered if you are an artist, you will die from hunger.

  Now I'm questioning if they even understood the word of "art." If they didn't know the real meaning of art, then why would they judge things so wrongly. How come they thought they knew better and believed they were better than these purely creative people. I'm really confused by all. It seems like I need to educate myself all over from the beginning.

  Here, sitting on the corner of State st. and 16 st., a cafe called "overflow", surrounded by full of imaginative artists and musicians, I truly feel indescribable comfort. I don't know why. Is it because of the creative vibe? Is it because they know what they're doing instead of looking around, wandering, wondering? Is it because I feel they have their own motivation and destination? But how would I know? Would it be my own narrow-minded interpretation? One way or another, I love sitting on the corner of the cafe, hearing all these minor chatter noises, which they blend lovely with live music.

  Every humans are born with two hands. With two hands, some can play beautiful acoustic music, some can create an incredible drawings, or some can write an insightful prose.
  In the end, it's all matter of how they express their feelings, passion, ideas, and their unique view of the world. I guess I love their strong will, not being afraid of being criticized by others and willing to share despite of possible further harsh judgements.
  In a way, they are true leaders. They suggest the different way of lives, and sometimes they explore and develop the world that hasn't arrived yet.
  I believe that's why I want to be called an "artist."

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