Friday, October 14, 2011

My unfinished thoughts on Money.

   I'm a curious soul. I'm interested in many things. I love to explore and meet new people. Also I ask a lot of questions just like my 4-year-old daughter. I can't help, and this is who I am.

   There are few major questions that I still can't get a grip and one of them is why do we have to use the numbers to measure the value of everything? Don't we love numbers? Sure, it's easy to identify, it's convenient. Perhaps that's why ancient people invented the money.

   Convenience, price adjustment, inflation, booming economy, materials, greed, wrong desire.
   No time to ask; do I really need this?

   Expensive, cheap, can't afford, then use credit card, then interest, and debt, and if you can't pay back, your life is in their hand. Your life is in their hand... Money is the artificial creation which don't have organic form like human, don't give a damn about who you really are. They only care about how much you make money, how much assets you have, how expensive place you own, how fancy automobile you drive, how much you can afford in materials...(Why, I can go on continuously with the addition to solid examples.)

   I've observed this ugly side of society since I was little, partially because my dad owned his little business and I've seen how business works. As a consequence I opened my eyes early on the dark side of the hideous invention: money.

   But don't get me wrong. Money itself doesn't do anything harm. I know this very well. With good money, you can afford healthy food than junk, you can live in a decent place in a safe neighborhood, you can educate your children in a good school. Money does good things so that your life can be prosper. It can make you rich and bring enormous joy to you.

   However, when his/her owner made wrong decision, it's going down turn, and sometimes you can't get a second chance unfortunately. But how do we know our decision is right or wrong in terms of investing our money? This is my dilemma. How can we spend our money wisely? Obviously, you don't want to waste them in a wrong place, you don't want to be a slave for money, then what's the best way of spending it?

   I foresee there will be various, individual preference on spending money criteria. I respect their opinion but it doesn't mean I agree with them all. As much they have their own priority, I have mine. And as long as I'm conscious about what I do, and willing to take responsibilities, my money will not harm me and my family.

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