Saturday, October 15, 2011

Because of you

   I don't blame you, because you gave me a birth, you gave me a life.
   After all, you gave me the biggest gift in me.

   I don't hate you, no I can't hate you, how can I?
   But you gave me an eternal scar, I hope you should have known. I was very young.

   I am holding on our happy memories but I can't escape from the creeping dark stories.
   I want to fly away and feel free from the past,
   but I still hear your misery coated with screaming and yelling.
   And I also hear my unspoken whisper.

   I hope you should have known. I wish you could have seen my eyes.
   I was scared you know, I was trembling from the fear.
   I wished I grow up fast, so I could intervene in your both horror.

   Now I have grown up. I have my own family, but why? why can't I just ignore?
   What have you done to me and my little brother? Creating the fear and terror in children's mind?

   But you are still my mother who gave me a birth and be there for me all the time,
   you are still my father who raised me strong regardless the hostile environment for you.

   Being a mom myself, I can understand a little more.
   Life must have been torturing for you both. But does it give you right to torture other lives, too?
   I don't know, I really don't know. I'm still figuring out.  


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