Tuesday, October 18, 2011

To Angry Folks.

You might think being angry makes you powerful.
You might think being snappy at others will intimidate them.
You might think shouting your uncensored words without considering others will give you a sense of being superior.
You might feel good about yourself if you keep scoring hurting others and you let it become a habit.

Well, guess what?
I pity you.
You never understood what real care is. You never try to understand what really hurts you. You are hurting others, merely because you are hurt. And you believe that gives you a right to spread your frustration.
You are angry and you just spray your stinky steam around you, so that others can smell how stinky it is.
I guess that's why you keep venting your anger toward people around you.

You might be pissed on something or a certain people. Some people in your past might curse you and made you feel miserable. You might be desperate and depressed. Whatever your reason is it doesn't allow you to dump your shit all over around. Do you think you are the only one who gets pissed in this world?
Be realistic, and realize it! Gather your dump shit and clean them up! And try to meditate what you really need to do. As you said, "I think I'm a nice person, no matter what others will think of me."

Well, it's time to show us how nice you really are. Show us who you really are instead of wasting our time and energy. If you have so much experience and if you know so well about everything, then prove it.
Until then, I'm not giving you my trust and love.

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