Thursday, October 6, 2011


A little human being who is delicate like tiny rose bud.
These little organic creatures are our future.

People who is living in this world and who makes major decisions -
they need to see these "little but big people" who's got great possibilities and amazing potential.

Just because children are small, just because they don't know how to articulate their minds into words,
it doesn't mean they don't know.

They see with crystal clear eyes.
They observe without prejudice.
Their mind is not corrupted yet.
They have cherishable purity and innocence.
We adult can't even mimic these natural gift.

But I started to wonder,
weren't we once children like them?

Now, we have grown up, we have job, we have cars and houses,
we have friends who follow you no matter what kind of person you are,
we have everything what we've dreamed of since we were young,
and are you happy for all these?

The more you got, the more you want.
That's what I heard from the wise.

Your creeping, toxic greed made you blur your vision.
Your vanity drove you a wrong place.
Your heart is thumping but it's only for the materials.
You use your words but it's only for filling the gaps.
What's the point of living your life?
To show off? to be fake? to hurt other lives?

Look at yourself into a mirror and realize it before it's too late.
We humans only got one chance, and our time is limited.
Cherish your life and do good!

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