Monday, October 10, 2011

Mom's diary - Monologue

   Life is not easy, my daughter.
   And I can't make it easier for you.

   Let's face it- we are given hard task since we are born.
   I have mine and you have yours. As much as I can't live your life, you can't live mine.
   We need to adjust ourselves constantly, we need to learn endlessly.
   Sometimes it bleeds our heart, it empties all the tears, and left nothing but focus-less vacant look. 
   The answer only relies on your gut and your will to survive and will to change yourself.

   As much I've been searching for my own identity,
   you will also go through these lonely journey.

   The same question that I asked thousands and millions of time-
   who am I? where do I belong?

   To tell you the truth, I'm still searching for it.
   I'm hoping to find it before I end my life and to be satisfied to leave this world.
   I still believe there's reason why we are born, and I'm convincing myself that we breathe for the good cause to the world. At least that made me think I'm worth living in this world.

   I'm living my life, not wasting.
   I'm challenging myself, not compromising.
   I've got some well-known gut, but I don't brag about.
   I value high the knowledge but it can't compete with wisdom.
   Sincerity, honesty, and being myself no matter where I am, no matter whom I'm with.

   Your heart knows if you are telling the truth or lie.
   And I'm on the truth side.


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