Saturday, October 1, 2011


   Looking for some kind of mind-blowing stuff, or mind-refreshing stuff.
   Being thirsty or dying to understand of the culture, language, child's mind, life and words.

   Restless mind, not able to shut down,
   I don't want to be entertained by simple life drama.
   I'm longing for the dramatic real life story.

   Who doesn't like Drama? No one can't resist on this.

   Trying to understand why I can't stop thinking of the stories,
   What's the purpose of me sitting in the dark in the midnight, perhaps to write?
   Am I really able to write my own stories?
   Will I be able to make it good?
   What about distractions? What should I do with them?
   Somehow I know the answer, but it's hard to practice it.
   Ignore them, Sun Hee. Show them who you really are.
   You can do it, you can do it, you did it once, why not again?
   Don't think of negativity, life is still beautiful, embrace them and try to transform it in your way.
   You are able to do this! And you will! Yes, you will! 


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