Friday, April 22, 2011

4. 19. 2011 - Fatalities alive!

   The advertisements had shown everywhere before this game was released. From Time-Square at New York city to the big billboard sign on the corner of our house; Western/Diversey/Elston. When I saw this glowing billboard, my heart felt like popping out. The amazing two characters were on the left and right with red/blue color contrasted. The uprising dragon in the middle, embedded in circle as it was supposed to be a main logo of the game.

   To me, it wasn't a regular advertisement. It will never be. It can not be the same game as it is shown on the isle of Game Stop. Whenever I look at the characters in this game, I see indescribable passion of one particular person. He believes he is born to create. He once told me his mission of life was/is creating an art to this world. When I heard his faithful determination, at first I was extremely jealous. I couldn't believe he chose his art before his own family. His wife and new-born baby followed him to new country. To tell the truth, I felt abandoned.
   Come on! Give me a break! Are you serious? What am I supposed to do?   
I have to admit I hated his work- all of his creations, all his characters, because these were taking him away from me.

   Many hours of work he never complained. He was sitting on his chair more than 6 hours in a row, perhaps more. Sometimes he forgot to go to toilet. Whenever he was in creating mood, he seemed to live in a different world. He would  face on his four computer screens including Cintiq tablet every night. He was obsessed and still he is. 

   I've known him since we met on ICQ in 2002. He was working as a freelancer at night, and I was a third-grade students at Chosun University, studying English literature but didn't know what it was all about. I was a wanderer and he was a listener. We chatted every day, every night. Whenever I had down-time, he was there  listening to me. He was faithful then, and still he is. He was passionate, and still he is.
   More than one year of chatting in online, I was brave enough to come to his country. I studied in ESL course at Concordia University in Montreal, worked as a waitress at Sushi restaurant for part-time. Although we weren't married yet, he was very serious about our relationship. He didn't fool anyone and he still doesn't. He was a hard worker and still he is. He had strong vision of his life. I always admired his perfection and ambition.

   It's been close to a decade that I've been watching him. My view of him is very up-close and personal. He might not enjoy what I'm writing about him. He is very quiet person and doesn't want to stand in front of others.

   Tonight, there was a big party for the employee of this game. The company had planned a big ceremony at downtown for the hard workers, and congratulated this game's optimistic prospect. All these hard work finally paid off. Regardless what had happened inside the team, all of the team members succeeded delivering a fantastic game to the world.
   But I have to mention very carefully that there was a sneaky, rotten apple who spoiled the barrel during the process. I can't explain how much I hated him although I had never met him. I really wished this apple would be thrown out at the end of the project. Well, he must have played inside politics pretty well. I guess I have to be patient until he traps in his own net. If the virtue is still alive, sooner or later I'll see his downfall.

   At this precise moment, lots of team members would get drunken, dance with loud music, laugh, and shout. I wish all of them have a wonderful time, because they deserve it. I'm not disappointed any more by not being there. Yes, I really wished to go but it wasn't up to me.
   A man who created top quality characters didn't want to join the party. Somehow he believed this wasn't his style. I couldn't force him to be a different person, because I like him as he is. Now, he's still sitting on his chair, facing on his computer screens, listening funny Youtube videos, and creating his own character.

   I really wanted to tell him how I feel.
   He wouldn't imagine how much I am proud of him.
   I can't explain how much I appreciate his art work.
   His superb characters in this game carries on his passion, dedication and his life.

   He used to tell me, "once I start thinking of myself being reached top, I would go downhill immediately. I still see there are so many things to learn, so many parts that I could improve, I don't see the end. I can't be satisfied here, because I'm not there yet."

   It's not easy being a wife of game character graphic artist. But then what else is easy? I don't know many things in this world, but I know one thing; Heaven helps those who help themselves. I believed in it strongly and I still do.

   Now, I see Sub-Zero VS. Scorpion fight! Their fatalities are ass-kicking! :)




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