Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A dinner at Beneteau's family

   You can't help yourself but shaking your hip as soon as you enter Beneteau's family. Under the roof of this house a music of Hey soul sister by Train swirls every corner. A 29-year-old mom and 3 and 1/2 old girl dancing in the living room floor, feeling the rhythm of the music. A pure laughter echoes in the house. The smell of chicken breast which is marinated in Middle east spices with Olive oil. An asparagus stir fried, a spring salad with homemade salad dressing is ready on the kitchen table.
   A wife awaits for her husband, he told her he would be home by 7:30. She decides to open the wine bottle. She knows with one glass of wine will change her mood. She just feels like letting it go. As soon as a wine glass is full, her disappointed feeling replaces exciting one. One sip, two sip, she empties it and asks her daughter, " do you wanna dance?"
   This two girls are dancing and dancing, feeling rhythm of music. A mom forgets what worries her. Is it because of wine? or music? or dancing with her daughter?
   Although she's spinning and turning on the floor, she can't help but looking at time. It's close to 7:30. Her ear tilts to the front door. Soon he will open the door. she hears footsteps, and she can finally relax and be happy.

   He had to drop by Jewel-Osco because his daughter called him and asked him to buy her a pack of strawberries. She's happy when her husband carries grocery bags after his work. She knows her husband cares for his family. He enters the front door and saying, "Wow! It's nice to be home. I missed being home with my wife and daughter."

   A wife knows this may be the regular day, regular dinner. But, there's something special about this particular  dinner and she wants to snip it on her blog.

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