Sunday, April 17, 2011

Power of music - I'm yours by Jason Mraz

  I don't know since when I was digging into lyrics of songs. Sure, the rhythm of songs mostly caught my ear first. But if I couldn't find any messages or connections in lyric, I felt great disappointment. And I never repeat that song.

   Yesterday, I heard few songs in a row that I used to love in high school age. I was writing my story at StoryStudio Chicago. These songs were flowing out from the radio station. At first I ignored it. But later on, I had to check what station it was. FM3 93.9. I wrote it down on my palm.

   Today, I turned on this radio station while driving. I was alone. I felt like I was riding a time-machine. Physically I was on my way home through Elston ave but my mind was back in high school. I was wearing school uniform, sitting in a chair, looking outside of the window, gazing city night light, searching for something else than school study. Everywhere I looked around was girls of my age, had same school uniform, studying until midnight at school. What the heck we were doing? All the studies we did for what? Why were we treated like prisoner at age of 17?
   Tired, fed up, it was beyond craziness what I was going through. But I wasn't the only one in that turmoil. Anyway, the only escape I could dream of was through listening music on my CD player. Yeah.. Music was miracle, and still it is.
How come a simple music can totally crack my attention? I guess that is the power of music. Tonight, I'm in love with this song.

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