Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday morning

Could stay longer in the bed, but I knew I slept enough. 
I hear my daughter's wiggling on the other end of our King size bed. 
Oh.. I need to get up, and get her dressed, feed her breakfast.
I knew today is my writing day, and SL's going out with Aof. 
The weather is nice, I guess they will have fun day. 

Waving my hands to them at the wooden porch,
Listening SL's vibrant voice, telling Aof what's in her mind.
I smile, looking at their back silhouette.  
I'm lucky to have Aof taking care of SL on Saturday morning.

With deep sigh, I look around the house.
Dirty pots and pans filled in the sink,
Laundry basket is full,
Living room is full of SL's toys and dolls,
And I was feeling dried SL's play dough crumbs between my toe.

I don't want to waste my precious time doing dishes, laundry and cleaning.
I need to get out. 

Now, I'm sitting in a cafe, under a big sign of a mysterious woman with long hair, wearing star crown. 
I wish I could go somewhere to sit and write but my economic sense tells me that parking costs more than a cup of coffee.  
My seat is perfect right now; slightly cornered, square shape wooden table that my small laptop and papers and coffee fit perfectly. 
My ears follow the Hawaiian tropical music from the stereo, that's why I gave up listening Susan Boyle for now. 

From time to time, my eyes travel over the big glass window. People come and go constantly.
So typical yet something exciting Saturday morning. Is it because everybody feels the warmth of spring sun? Or is it just because this is Saturday morning? 
Whatever it is, I sit down and gaze at them. I like to imagine what they are talking to each other.

It's really fun to observe their frequent habit, body gesture and smile. I'd like to know their personalities through their attitude, although it would be impossible to know from the surface. 
I oppose the idea of judging by the cover, yet every human expresses themselves with certain style that they want others to recognize them. The more I see them, the more intriguing humans are!! I am simply an observer, and I am interested in learning from everybody. 

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