Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What can I do for 15 min?

I have to wake up early tomorrow. I need to rest. I've got only 15 minutes.
Why time goes so fast? Time, time, time. Why, why, why.
I can't believe it's already April of 2011. It was like yesterday when I say "Happy New Year" to everyone.
1/3 of 2011 has passed. It's done. It's not coming back.

Time, tick-tock, tick-tock.
It's probably the scariest sound of whole universe.
Because every move, every decision we make, it can't turn back.
Time is ultimate power, and universal beauty.
Time is loud as a thunder, but gentle as a spring rain.

I still have 2 minutes to wrap this up.
Well, a question floats up in my mind.
"How did you spend your day?"
"I spent it well; I was patient with my daughter. I learned new things such as right turn has priority on the street than left turn. I made my friend happy. I cooked healthy food for my family. I shared the ideas with my husband. All these things made my heart super happy."

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