Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Unpleasant scent - the first sign of the day

  I woke up with smell of urine. SL must have skipped our routine last night; she usually brushes her teeth, sit on toilet for last peeing ceremony of the day and change to her PJ. I had Memoir Workshop last night so my husband took care of her. I guess he didn't think further. 

   As usual, my happy daughter started her non-stop speech as soon she opened her eyes from 12 hours sleep. 
   "Mom, did you sleep well? How was your writing class last night? Oh.. I'm sorry, I peed on you and daddy's bed. But's almost dry now." 

   "What???" My hands immediately touched her bottom and she wasn't joking. 
I was still half asleep and my face got ugly frown. Within 2 second, I hurried to take her pants off, she must have felt wet, stinky cotton through the night. She wasn't complaining but I didn't want her to have any skin trouble. This all process rendered on the bed, and my eyes were still half-closed. 

   Soon, I heard alarm ringing. I didn't care what song was waking us up. I was already cranky, thinking of bed sheet laundry. And second thought, well, maybe I should use this whole event for a good opportunity. I've been thinking about doing bed sheet laundry for a while, and my daughter gave me a good excuse. 
Yes, what's the point of getting mad from the morning, after all, it's only a laundry. 

   I was pulling out every sheets and blanket couvert and pillow covers. 
Let's not spoil my day with unpleasant scent, I still have many hours to enjoy it, and who knows? I will refresh my nostril with fresh spring wind and daffodils on the side walk. 

   I knew and I learned long time ago about how to think of the world, and the only answer I've reached was it's all up to me. 

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