Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring rain

I used to love spring rain. And I still love its existence. 
It's such a gift from mother nature. 

Spring rain 

By Sun Hee Yoon

Soft falling on the ground.
teelip, tarop, teelip, tarop.

Wake up, wake up, everyone.
It's time to stretch your arm, raise yourself from the ground.
Spring rain softly whispers to the world.

Timid, delicate, its gentle touch
To aggresive, wild, dry world,
Spring rain deliciously whispers,
It's ok. Don't be afraid to come out.

When I was a girl, 
I loved watching rain falling. 
Whenever a raindrop falls on the ground,
I could hear ding, dong, magical sound. 

Cleansing dirts on the street,
drip, drop, drip, drop
Good bye old dirts! It's time to wash your face. 

I could stand all day outside
Looking at the crystal circles on the mirror-like sidewalk, 
Sniffing the fresh air with rain mist particles,
Listening teelip, tarop, rhythmic sound on the umbrella.

It's new beginning
We start all over again.