Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bed time Stories

Every night I read a book to my daughter. Bedtime stories routine started since she was a toddler. Since I became a mom I had numerous wishes for my little one, but one particular thing was for her getting close to books. I wanted to install the habit of reading books in her.

copyright to Sun Hee Yoon
My girl at age 1

When I moved to Chicago in 2007, I didn't know anyone and I didn't know where to go. For several month I stayed at home with my little baby and I noticed in me being scared of outer world. The world out of the house didn't seem so safe. Or, I was in a postpartum depression, which converted me into an introvert. All I know now is I was extremely lonely and isolated. 

When the weather got warmer in spring 2008, I started to feel better. I pulled out flower print blouse from the drawer and white pants to match with it. I decided to discover the neighborhood or simply take a walk around the block. I pushed the stroller, my daughter being sit tightly, her favorite toys and snacks on the stroller tray. I went out. Getting out the door was a big step, but once I got out I became more ambitious. I wanted to walk further. So I pushed the stroller about one mile, and I stood in front of the neighborhood library. 

My neighborhood library, Lincoln-Belmont

When I grew up, in a little town in South Korea, there wasn't a section for children's book. In my memory, the library is a place where you could find an ultimate silence and stillness. It was scary and dark, very small windows on top of the dark green painted cement wall and there wasn't any sun lights in the reading room. (The smell..the sound.. I could write those on a next story.)

*     *     *  

In May 2012, I still read books to my 4-year-old daughter at night. It's our intimate time. We lie on the bed, I lean on the piled pillow, she snuggles into my arms, and we read the title and an author and an illustrator's name. Then we flip the first page. 

Last night, we read very interesting book. 

The Journey of Oliver K. Woodman

My daughter enjoyed following Mr. Woodman's journey across the country. In fact, I learned quite a lot from it too. Speaking of bed time stories, I might start the children book's review blog. Hmm.. I'm getting excited for my next project! :)


  1. My son is 11 and my husband and I still read to him, and sometimes he reads to us. We have a collection of Korean folktales that used to be a favorite of his. There is a gorgeous book by a Korean author called "Yellow Umbrella" that is all pictures with a CD soundtrack that he loved when he was little.

    1. Hi, Glennia

      I just googled yellow umbrella and I found the blog, Kimchi Mamas, and I saw your name as a contributing editor. Wow! I didn't know about this blog! It's SO cool!

  2. Sun Hee, congrats! My kids are pretty much too old to be read to, and I do miss that.

    1. It's fun to imagine of my daughter growing up like your children and what would she remember the most. I would love to hear our bedtime story series.

  3. Reading to your child is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. You will be happy that you started this excellent habit. When my children were older and we went on family vacations, I often took a juvenile novel along and read a chapter now and then. It helped the boredom of riding in the car for long hours and was a nice family activity. I remember one time when I read the last chapter of the book, and Mom, Dad, and kids all cried! Still, it is a family memory.

    1. Aaahh.. That is so touching and inspiring. I can picture it right now. The idea of bringing a chapter book on a family vacation and reading it on the way is phenomenal. I should definitely take it on. Thanks for sharing! :)