Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Confidence, unexpected discovery

Every morning I make a healthy juice from the juice maker, which my husband and I have been continuing since last September. Five days a week, as soon as I open my eyes I pull out bunch of fruits and vegetables on my kitchen counter. Celery stalks, carrots, cucumber, beet, apple, pear, kiwi and kale - these are my day starters.

   As usual, with half opened eyes, in a slow motion, I started to peel the carrots, cucumbers, chop the apples, pears, and my daughter, who had been enjoying her breakfast cereal, asked a question.

   "Mom, what is confidence?" as random it can be, as usual she can be, she flew a heavy question over my half awake brain.

   "Well, honey, confidence is when you do something you believe you can do it well.. or somewhat close," answered with the lower voice, I was still perplexed.

   "Then why do you have to show off your confidence?" again, my ever-curious daughter pitched the following question.

   "W..what? Why? Where do you get the idea?" I was half annoyed, and half curious.

   She was reading the back of cereal box, and this is what she showed to me. Speechless, I was numb.

   Later on, my husband who just got out of his shower, who presumably had a fresh mind, answered her question - "Oh, in this context when you eat healthy food, and you do exercise frequently, then you will have a nice body. And you can show it to others without bad feelings for yourself." 

   My daughter finally got the clear answer and she seemed to be satisfied. On the other hand, I was uncomfortably annoyed by this commercial on the breakfast cereal box. Why would they put such a silly line? After a while I couldn't stop thinking about this sentence, show off your confidence. Really? Does it even make sense in showing off and being confident? Doesn't it mean to be arrogant? What's the thin line between confidence and arrogance?

   Oh, crap! I needed to cut these crap! But still....

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