Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mom's night out

With my friend, Stefanie (on the left) and Monica (in the middle)

Margaritas order up,
Sip by sip, I taste the exotic cocktails with rapture. 
Strong taste of Tequila releases my tension.

Without kids we are free soul.
Bit by bit, I savor the creamy spinach Enchilada.
I let go of my inhibition.

Quiet voices get louder and louder,
That's ok, nobody pays attention anyway,
Feel free, drink some more.

Laughter, loud hearty laughter,
I talk loud and louder without hesitation,
No kid's watching us; I want to be a kid this time.

Having fun, I have forgotten its sensation.
I love talking, laughing, drinking, and sharing stories,
Moms get closer.
Our intimate stories, - everyone has a story to tell,-
Make our night shine. 

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