Friday, May 4, 2012

Mom's Diary - 5.4.2012

Where should I start? When my heart is full of emotion, it's hard to untangle, even hard to describe. I guess I'll start from the beginning of the day.

A bunch of Gerbera Daisy, given by my dear friend, Susan

This beautiful bunch of Gerbera Daisy in a crystal vase shook me up from morning crankiness. Unlike you, I'm grumpy when I wake up. I just can't function my brain properly in the morning. How jolly you are! How cheerful you are! Your vitality and vigor makes me smile, but I still need few hours to get back on my mood. This morning, though, I had a giant smile hanging from my ear to ear. This vibrant scarlet red flowers made me realize I'm alive. My eyes slowly moved around the layers of petals, its secretly hidden center, and the lively spring green stems. What a lovely gift I got! The gratitude toward to my friend, Susan, sprouted from my heart. The feeling of loved and cared for is something I will never be tired of.

Then, naturally I get to do my routine. Today, though, I had very special feeling. Since we were scheduled to participate your school activity Pulitzer Prize Ceremony, I was a bit anxious. I wanted everything goes well for you. You've worked hard to create your first poem, and now it was time to get acknowledged. Most of moms would feel the same way as I were; the sensation of pride, and a little touch of anxiety.

My daughter presents her poem, Feet are Not for Kicking

As usual, you aren't shy, you aren't intimidated. Your playful and confident voice in front of your friends tickled my heart. You truly enjoyed standing in front of others. At the end of your presentation, it was time for comments and questions from your fellow friends. As if it was planned everyone made a same comment, "I really liked when you said sorry to the boy!" I glanced at your face, and you seemed to understand and sympathize these reactions.

Award-winning author and illustrator, so to speak
Your teachers are awesome! I was astonished by their thoughtful preparations, including the red carpet on the corridor. These things make me really happy. I'm a big fan of thoughtfulness and dedication, your teachers know exactly how to impress parents.

After a big applaud, the authors could sit on the winning chair. When I saw you sitting on it, holding a tiny trophy in one hand and a laminated poem book on the other, I was struck by the huge emotional wave. Was I overreacted? I don't know. Maybe I was, but I didn't care and I don't care. This was the moment of your life, and I was able to witness and celebrate together. As much you had your moment, I had mine.

You wouldn't be able to imagine how I felt. Being a young mom, and not growing up in States haunted me since we moved to Chicago, the year 2007. You being an infant, me not having any social network, not knowing how to drive, all these big mountains of obstacles looked invincible. Now I am convinced myself nothing is invincible as long as we've got the spirit of survival. Together we have made this far.

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