Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Trip to Nature Museum

One of my favorite things to do from my daughter's pre-school is the School-Home Project. Whatever topic is I love to assist her, but always SHE is the lead, not I.

During my own elementary school period, I loved the School-Home assignments. Planning, organizing, decorating given projects often made me thrilled. We had different terms for them, which I don't remember, but what I do remember is the excitement that I had for so long during the process.

Few days ago I found the paper slip in the yellow folder in her backpack. It was to notify the last School-Home project of the year. Kids have been learning all about Nature, and my little girl often explained what kind of animals live in the pond, lake, and seashore. I was fascinated by the incredible knowledge she had been acquired.

Between the choice from the Shedd Aquarium and the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, I decided to visit the latter. Besides we were the family member of the museum. My daughter and I had visited Nature Museum quite a lot in the past, but never for the case of school project. Before we headed, I even made sure we were going for our mission, to accomplish her project. This was to give her a precaution before she runs to the Tree house, indoor playground in the museum. We needed to finish first what had to be done before playing. And, she was quite excited to go to the museum and pretended she was sort of an explorer, like Dora the Explorer.

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When we got in, she knew where she needed to go. She looked at the aquarium tanks with turtles, clean-water fish, frogs, toads and snakes. She called excitedly, "mom, look! Those frogs just camouflaged. Can you find them?"

Looking at clean water fish, such as Bluntnose Minnow, Spotfin Shiner, Central Stronroller. 

We've been reading a book, Toad by the Road by Joanne Ryder, illustrated by Maggie Kneen. Now my little girl knows the life cycle of amphibians like toads.

And we wondered if these snakes are poisonous. They were not.

Once our school project was done, she could play at the children's water center.

copyright to Sun Hee Yoon

And, the following post is going to be her making of the project poster. See you then!

copyright to Sun Hee Yoon

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