Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Little Artist

"Mom, look at this!" my little girl called me in a very proud voice. While I was doing dishes, she pinched out PlayDoh little by little and decorated on the human body template. She chose her favorite color, pink. 

My first reaction was 'wow, can we use PlayDoh on the paper?' Apparently, yes.

I started to wonder where this idea come from? How did she figure that out? I was simply amazed by her creative mind.

She is a natural story teller. Sometimes I wish to dictate whatever comes out from her little lips. Her mind is still obsessed in princesses and prince in a fairytale. These days she tends to mix up the idea of princess rivalry and their emotional tension. The clear distinction between "good" and "bad" is very interesting.

I like to ask her questions. Although I don't expect any precise answers, I have my intentions- her way of thinking and her logical development. Often her unlimited imagination and unexpected vocabulary blow my mind. I sit next to her once my chores done. I like watching her little hand choosing different pencil colors, drawing confident lines on the paper. I ask questions like "why this girl's face is bigger than others?" Then, she goes without hesitation, "because she's mad. When people gets angry, their faces get bigger and bigger like a balloon."

I love her unbiased observation. I love her pure imagination. But most of all, I admire her ability to express her own thinking without hesitation. Her innocence and boldness, I want to cherish.

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