Wednesday, May 23, 2012

If I start my blog all over again...

What would I do if I start my blog all over again..?

Last night, I was searching pictures from my computer libraries. I was hoping some idea would pop out regarding the theme of today: what would you do if you start your blog all over again?

And I found a few pictures from my travel to Australia and New Zealand in 2002.

By the Sydney Opera House
My first encounter with Koala
By Bondai Beach in Sydney
Visit to Maori tribe in Wellington, New Zealand
Shuffling through these pictures from a trip to OZ, I thought if I start my blog all over this would be a new theme. I always wanted to write a story about my experience in English as Second Language. I studied English in Australia and New Zealand for six month from February to July in 2002. 

It's so common to hear a college student travels other country. I was easily considered being a daughter of well-off business man. At that time I thought it was better to be seen a spoiled girl who's got all the opportunity to explore the outer world. The truth is I was in the deepest personal turmoil from a dysfunctional family, financial down turn, and heartbroken.

Life carried me away since I started chatting a man from ICQ. We had been chatting over a year, because I wanted to learn English without the grammar corrections. I wanted to know what's waiting for me out there.
There were immense family pressure over my shoulder, and I was getting fed up. The high expectations from parents and family are quite common in Korean society. It's a cultural stigma in my opinion.

In 2012, now I am sitting comfortably in my living room under a central A/C. I have called this typical Chicago three story flat a home. Physically, emotionally, I've been settled for a while. But my stories from the past always come back. It almost demands me to reveal to the world. I'm still hesitating if this effort is worth it. My mind has not been determined yet.

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