Friday, May 25, 2012

Sun, Sun, over My Shoulder

Happiness is not far from us.
It's just hard to find it sometimes.

Happiness is cliché,
The smirk on my face proves it,
It's too trite.

The word "Happiness" is worn out.
Without moderation, it was over used.

But when I feel good, really good, I say I am happy.
I tell the truth; I say it because I feel it.

This morning,
I woke up with my daughter's humming and my husband's tickling my toes. 
Smile, a genuine smile radiates over their faces, I see mine on their eyes.

It's not the phony exaggeration,
Nor pure vanity.
It's a slice of life.
These memories form us who we are. 

Reflections are what we see.
We see what we want to see,
Or we see what we need to see.

The decisions are up to us.
Now what would you want to see?


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